Your donation will go toward monthly streaming expenses and expanding our apostolate throughout the world, purchasing equipment, maintenance, and opening new broadcasting locations.

It will also go toward broadcasting special events like Ordinations and special Masses at different times in different locations.

It is an expensive undertaking to provide LiveMass.
To broadcast a remote liturgy it costs around $6,000.00.
To set up a new location it costs upwards of $15,000.00.
We also have monthly streaming costs and maintenance of equipment.
For these expenses we depend on the generosity of our benefactors. May God reward you for your donations!

If you would like to donate bitcoin, send your donation to:


Donations of Bitcoin can be traced on the Blockchain and will not be spent until purchasing cameras or equipment needed for either maintenance or new locations.
Memos will be left with the transactions specifying what equipment was purchased.

Thus the Blockchain serves as open accountability for your generous donations.

May God reward you!